GPL License Abuse In WordPress: Money Out Of Thin Air?

GPL license is designed, among others, to encourage innovation and development in software industry without being confined by certain vendor or developer. The original purpose of GPL is all in a good spirit. It’s for the user, for the people. That’s what makes WordPress so amazing.

Look how far WordPress have come and how much it has benefited everyone. The growth of WordPress itself and its community are so rapid year after year. It’s a good thing all around.

Now, WordPress make lots of people lots of money, don’t it? Many have built businesses off WordPress. But with all of this, there also came those who set out to abuse the license and the system, for their own profit. People who just blatantly abuse the GPL license, not to benefit the community, not to contribute to innovation, not to help other people in a good manner, but to make profits out of thin air.

I’m talking about people who blatantly take other people’s products (plugins or themes) and then sell those for a lot less than the original prices without adding value to the plugins or themes. In other words, they’re making money not actually doing anything at all. Doesn’t this straight out defeat the real purpose of GPL and Open Source?

The rights that were promoted by Free Software Movement (free as in Freedom) are, quoting Richard Stallman (founder of Free Software Foundation):

1. The freedom to run the program as you wish,

2. The freedom to study the source code and then change it so that the program does what you wish,

3. The freedom to help your neighbor  that is, to distribute copies to others  when you wish,

4. The freedom to contribute to your community  that is, the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions  when you wish.

Now I’m no expert in this, and I also understand it has been going on for some time, not just recently, but at least if you’re going to do something like that, add some value to the products first, will you? Wouldn’t it be better? You profit but you also contribute to the community, ya know? However small it might be.

Overlay Ad On Video For WordPress

Overlay Ad On Video For WordPress is a WordPress plugin for those who want to run an ad over their videos on a WordPress website. This plugin works on embedded videos as well as self-hosted videos. Your videos can be either in a post, page, or template files. To use inside template files, please use WordPress do_shortcode. To put it simply, use shortcode wherever you want your video with an ad to appear.


  • Force visitors to actually look at your ads, increasing visitor awareness of the ads
  • Higher CTR (click-through rate) for your ads
  • Higher conversion or lead, hence revenue boost
  • Powerful form of advertisement
  • Avoid waste of space for traditional static banner ads that your visitors are so used to ignore (or don’t even look at)


  • Easy use of shortcode
  • You have control over each video and ad size. Either control video size globally, or individually.
  • Force visitors to close the ad before they can watch a video.
  • Your ads can be a static banner image, javascript codes, or text links. Easily editable through the plugin’s admin area.

Shortcode and Usage:

Out of the box, to use it in a post or page, use shortcode like so;

[wpjadvideo]<iframe width="480" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/wpjadvideo]

Remember that the width and height of the video in the above code will be ignored by the plugin. If you want to set a specific width and height for your video, use attributes, like so;

[wpjadvideo width="480px" height="360px"]<iframe src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/wpjadvideo]

Most of the time the above will work just fine, but in the event that width or height doesn’t appear like how you’ve specified them in the attributes (something to do with your theme’s styling), please reach me for support. Also, please pay attention to the “px” (pixels) in the above code (in bold).

Alternately, you can also set the default width and height of your videos sitewide through the plugin’s admin area. Refer the image below for this purpose. Use this option if all your videos have the same width and height. If this is not set, default width and height will be outputted (width:100% and height:100%).


To use in your theme files, please use do_shortcode, like so:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[wpjadvideo width="480px" height="360px" ]<iframe src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/wpjadvideo]' ); ?>

Plugin FAQs:

Can I use the plugin on embedded Youtube videos?
Yes, definitely.

What are the video websites supported, other than Youtube?
Pretty much all video sites out there are supported, as long as the embedding codes are in iframe.

What about self-hosted videos? Are they supported?

What type of ads are allowed to be used with the plugin?
Your ads can be either HTML, static banner image with a link, text links, javascript snippet, or the combination of those.

Can I use more than one ad and video on the same page?
You can have more than one video on the same page, however, only one ad will appear, and it will only be for the first video on that page.

Can you give me suggestion on how I can use it?
Engage your visitors with an interesting video with no ad, and show an overlay ad on the next video. Be creative.

Download and Demo:

This plugin is currently only available at as Video Ad Popup. However, you can ask for support request here on this site. Ask for support.

VideoJikan WordPress Theme


Originally a clone theme of a popular video site, VideoJikan has evolved to a lot more than just a clone theme.

Theme Features:

  • Pre-roll video ad
  • Overlay ad on video
  • Watch in the dark / Turn off the lights feature while watching video
  • Easy built-in video embed feature (no additional plugins required)
  • Supports all video embed codes from all major video sites
  • Auto resized videos
  • Related videos without additional plugins
  • Built-in homepage slider without additional plugins
  • Built-in social share on each post without additional plugins
  • Featured categories and posts on the homepage
  • Responsive layout
  • Ability to set your own image to each category
  • Theme Options
  • Two 336×280 banner advertisement slots
  • Navigation menu in the header and footer
  • Social buttons ready
  • Ready for use with WP-PageNavi plugin

Release Notes:

Version 2.0.1
– Fixed watch in the dark feature not covering the whole screen problem.
– Fixed enable/disable pre-roll clashing with watch in the dark.

Version 2.0.0
– Added preroll video ad feature, with options on the options panel
– Added overlay video ad feature, with options on the options panel
– Added watch in the dark video feature, with options on the options panel
– Fixed jQuery conflict in previous versions
– Improved insertion of stylesheet links in the head tag
– Minor improvement of options panel look and feel

Version 1.5.0 (released as 1.05)
– Fixed the options fields problem on Theme Options.
– Set Featured Categories on the homepage to display 5 posts each, eliminating display problem.
– Improved single video page paragraph styling.

Version 1.4.1 (released as 1.04.01)
– Initial release.

Demo and Download:

Demo | Download

Now released under the WPJikan brand name, managed by Kovich Network LLC.